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December 2017
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When I was a little girl, M&D S☀S taught me that the first step towards reaching a goal was writing it down. This, combined with my love for lists, meant hours of picture collages and doodles of dreams and ambitions.
Starting this blog was a big step towards the future I hope to live someday, so it seemed fitting that I keep a page tucked away on S☀S for the rest of my “somedays” to live. I encourage you to do the same!



I want to work for a company with a product and a message that I believe in. I’d love to make a career out of making other people happier and healthier.

I also hope to turn this little blog into a book; a cookbook-meets-travel guide-meets-coming of age memoir about a girl and the people, places and cultures she falls in love with. I dream of beautiful pages filled with inspiring quotes, delicious treats, whimsical photo spreads and fairytale writing.

Gorgeous office via Bodie&Fou


I *will* live by the water.
And I’m not particular, here. I’d be happy in Scotland by a moody loch, where every morning would start with a mug of tea, a knit sweater and a walk with the pup by the waves. Or I could settle for California ^~ morning runs on the beach, sunset walks and weekends spent playing in salt water… bliss!

 And more! Someday, I will:

  • Rescue a hound of my own
  • Rescue a kitten =^.^= {✔ November 2013}
  • Run an Action Asia race
  • Run a ToughMudder race
  • Go on a wine tour in California {✔ July 2012}
  • Enjoy a wine tasting in Greece {✔ June 2011}
  • Learn about wines and build up a collection of favorites
  • Enjoy an almond croissant for breakfast in Paris
  • Speak 6 languages: (English{✔}), French {✔}, Spanish {✔}, Italian, Greek & Mandarin
  • Revisit the Greek island where my family is from {✔}
  • Spend some time living in Europe {✔ January 2013}
  • Spend a little time living/working on a vineyard
  • Write a “coming of age” memoir
  • Plant a backyard orchard/garden
  • Learn how to play the cello
  • Learn how to play the ukulele {✔}
  • Go diving for pearls
  • Get my boating license {✔ August 2012!}
  • Ride a dolphin {✔}
  • Plant an olive tree
  • Go to Egypt and sail down the Nile
  • Go to Japan during Sakura season
  • Have my fortune told
  • Go skinny dipping in the ocean on a clear, starry night {✔}
  • Make a wish on a shooting star ✰ {✔}
  • See the northern lights  {✔}
  • Visit Iceland
  • See a narwhale
  • Ride an Icelandic pony!
  • Own a horse of my very own
  • Go riding on the beach {✔ July 2012}
  • Gallop without having to stop in a ring or teensy paddock {✔ July 2012}
  • Work my way to a lean, toned tummy ^~  {✔!}
  • Get a double forward helix piercing {✔ November 2012}
  • Own a claw-footed bathtub
  • Learn how to surf {✔!!! July 2012}
  • Learn how to stand up paddle surf
  • Learn how to waterski {✔ August 2012}
  • Learn how to slalom waterski {✔ August 2014!}
  • Learn how to knit a scarf {✔}
  • Learn how to make a dreamcatcher {✔}
  • Go to a drive-in movie {✔}
  • Milk a cow {✔}
  • Go skydiving {✔}
  • Learn how to Snowboard {✔} … better ^~
  • Move to Hong Kong, where my boyfriend is from
  • Get engaged ❤
  • Write our names on a love lock in Paris
  • Buy a piece of art from my favorite equestrian artist
  • Learn how to take photographs that I consider beautiful
  • Create a picture collage wall {✔}
  • Buy my mama that house on the river she has loved for years
  • Buy one of those MASSIVE iMacs. {✔} November 2013
  • Buy an old, classic mercedes
  • Buy a beautiful, old-fashioned telescope
  • Learn how to drive standard  {✔}
  • Get my motorcycle license so I can drive a Vespa
  • Donate blood — with my cousin, a newly certified phlebotomist!
  • Graduate at the top of my journalism program {✔ June 2013}
  • Find a naturopath and take charge of my health, naturally {✔}
  • Learn how to make my own almond milk{✔}/greek yogurt/wine
  • Participate in the Vegan Month of Food {✔ Oct 2012}
  • Learn how to make (pretty) sushi! {✔}
  • Create a blog of my own! {✔}
  • Try bikram yoga  {✔}
  • Make yoga a regular activity {✔}

…What will you do someday?

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