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February 2018
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Piccadilly Chickpeas


I know — another recipe. I’m running out of stomach space!! Please come over for dinner and bring your friends so that I can treat you to all of my new favorites.
I’ve been pleasantly surprised to discover that vegetarian cuisine doesn’t necessarily require long lists of weird ingredients or cumbersome appliances. Honestly, the only gadget I really need is my mini cuisinart processor. This is a very good thing, as I’m going to be doing some serious downsizing when I move into my London digs and I’d far rather bring an extra pair of shoes than a bulky dehydrator or juicer.
But we’ll talk about dorm decor and organization later; I’ve tempted you with that pretty picture long enough! These Piccadilly Chickpeas (inspired by my excitement for London, and my penchant for silly puns) are hearty, bursting with flavor, and so good that you’ll be finding excuses to eat them with anything. I may or may not have dug in with my hands like a savage.

My favorite way to eat these? In a Piccadilly Caesar with vegan Caesar dressing — recipe soon!


Question for you!

I recently tried to rehydrate some dried chickpeas. It worked just fine, but I had no idea about proportions, so now I have 5-6 cups to use up (oops). What are your favorite chickpea recipes? Thanks, bloggies!

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