Homemade Vegan Onigiri

Heart-Shaped Onigiri Yummmm. Oh my gosh.

This is probably my favourite homemade lunch: sticky sushi rice folded around avocado, organic tempeh and edamame and sealed with a strip of  nori.  I’m not much of a baker — although I do love decorating cookies — so this satisfied my urge to cut out heart-shaped treats ^~

You can brush the onigiri with sesame oil and toast them in a hot pan, if you wish. I ate them plain the first day, and then toasted with a little bit of sesame-ginger dressing the second day. Onigiri are the perfect lunch food: carby energy from the rice, protein from the edamame and tempeh, and the creamy avocado and sesame oil add a touch of decadence to keep you nice and full ’till dinner. Plus, you can make them into hearts, and you know how I feel about heart-shaped food.

The recipe is as simple as cooking up a cup of sushi rice and then filling it with your favorite ingredients. Be sure to use sushi rice, or another glutenous grain, as you want the outside to be nice and sticky. You can fill these with anything:  fresh sashimi, vegetables, preserved ginger or even a traditional filling, like pickled umeboshi plum. I favour avocado because I’m always looking for excuses to eat more of it.

Enjoy! ^^

Avocado-Edamame Grain Bowl


It’s literally slushing outside (not snow, not rain, but slushing); our apartment won’t warm up above 65, and I’m rocking long underwear on the daily. My hair, my skin, my life is craving the sweet summer sun, and as a result, I’ve been craving my favorite summertime foods.

But when the weather is this miserable, the last thing I want is a cold bite of lettuce — delicious though that may be. This grain bowl came together when I was prowling through my leftovers, and it ended up being the perfect combination of cozy quinoa, creamy avocado, and green edamame. It’s salad-y enough to satisfy your veggie cravings, but hearty enough to get you through a wintry day, especially if you eat it at room temperature.

I dressed it with an organic sesame-ginger vinaigrette and dug into the summer flavors like I expected July to burst out of my bowl and magic the winter away.

It’s literally as versatile as the ingredients you have in your fridge: I cooked 1 cup of quinoa in 1.5 cups of water, threw in a whole avocado, a cup of edamame and tossed it with a good glug of vinaigrette. Judging by what’s in my fridge/pantry, I think I’m going to be whipping up a feta/beet/walnut version of this grain bowl sometime soon, maybe with a bit of balsamic to tie all those flavors together.



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