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October 2014
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Flour Bakery Croissants

Flour Café Croissant via G&HP

Every week R. and I go to my favourite local bakery, and we always — always — get croissants.

Flour Bakery croissants are the pastries of legend: crispy sweet on the outside, slightly stretchy and buttery on the inside, and perfect when dipped into a rich, milky latté. They are so coveted that you need to phone in advance to reserve one on the weekends, because there simply isn’t a hope of being able to walk in and snag one of the heavenly pastries on a Sunday morning. Croissants are a serious business, cheries.

I am studying holistic nutrition, so of course my friends are horrified and amused by this out-of-character pastry obsession. Health foods these are not, but from a holistic perspective, let me tell you that the delight and anticipation I feel each week for my buttery treat is just as healthy as a big bowlful of kale ^~ Balance, right?

I picked up a copy of Joanne Chang’s cookbook, which includes her croissant recipe, and I’ll be taking it with me to the cottage later this month. Here’s hoping I can turn our lakeside retreat into a Parisian café!

Cherries, cherries, cherries

Cherries for days via Snacking on Sunshine


I adore cherries. In the spring, I wander down the streets where I know there are cherry trees ready to shake out their pastel skirts and when they bloom – oh man.  I could spend every dreamy day wandering through the pink blossoms. I get equally excited when the awkward out-of-season cherries are replaced by succulent beauties like these at the market. They basically cost their weight in gold, but the season is so short that I never hesitate to splurge on a precious bag.

We’ve been delighting in our cherries just as they are: cool-crisp from the fridge with notes like wine and summer sunshine. I’ve been scouring the internet for more ways enjoy them while the short season lasts, and these are some of the recipes I’ve bookmarked:

If you have any cherry recipes I simply must try, please leave me a comment with the link (or the recipe itself, if you’re so inclined ^^).


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